Like a mustard seed CREATE had its beginning in 1998 when our researcher got an invitation to write for a website. Imbibed with a vision of ‘communication for change’ and hands on experience in developmental journalism, publishing and mobilization video production, he planted the concept, ‘Communication REsearch and Alternative-media Tools Endeavor’.

The Vision

The vision of CREATE is to enhance and empower people, communities or organizations who serve them, with qualitative research and creative media tools that promote transformation, advancement and holistic development.

The Mission

To enhance people and organizations through developmental research and journalism.
To write and produce creative communication contents in print, audio-visual and the digital media for their development, mobilizations or promotions.
To support developmental organizations in communication concepts, content, design and overall media production for holistic development.

Our Core Values

We exist to enthusiastically enjoy empowering and enhancing you with state of the art technology and relevant media solutions that work for you best.
The following core values underpin how CREATE serves you:
Simplicity: We keep the content and communication simple but creative.
Honesty: We are transparent, value relationships and handle data in utmost good faith.
Passion: We do it with all our heart, all our soul and with all our spirit.
Partnership: We work as a partner in every respect and with lifetime support.

Who We Work With

We choose to work with highly motivated leaders, individuals and organizations.
To work with CREATE you must:
Have a vision for yourself and your organization or company.
Have a zest for life and new ideas and a genuine desire to change things.
Make quick decisions to move forward.
Be driven to complete agreed actions.
Trust us wholeheartedly and communicate to us openly.
Value our services and uniqueness.
Tell others how distinct CREATE is.
If you can satisfy us of the above, be prepared to see exciting changes to your organization’s profile and communications.

The Team

CREATE team consists of research and media professionals who have a vision beyond their work place. We also network with other consultants and experts for additional support without adding on costs.
Our team’s core skills include:
Researching and documenting
Content writing and editing
Developmental Journalism
Graphic Designing
Video Editing and
Web Developing